Fuck Positive Thinking:Be Emotion Full was born out of the brain of Angela Scrivani. Me. Pictured Below.

Photo of Angela Scrivani by Bryon Malik
Photo of Angela Scrivani by Bryon Malik

It all started back in June of 2014 when I lost my mind and decided to “travel the world” finding it. Prior to this moment, from 2008-2014, I spent most of my time developing and curating Warehouse416 Gallery into a space that reflected the Oakland community. While rewarding and fulfilling in a lot of ways, after 5 years of doing monthly exhibitions and working another full time job just to pay the bills, I needed a break. So, in May of 2014, I began my 2 year sabbatical from everything in search of “A better life”.

Berlin Germany was my first stop. Soon after my arrival, depression sunk in. I tried to follow the many positive thinking paths available to me, ones I had even studied extensively. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to feel depressed that I was able to break through.

This show is all about that. But it’s also about this other really important part….Life is about the journey, and the journey is way more fun when it’s emotion-full.

F#!% Positive Thinking! Join us in this Emotion-Full journey!!!

Please Note: If for some reason, you have read all this and are still highly offended, we would like to recommend that you consider laughing more. And if that doesn’t work, you might just want to look at this website again from a positive thinking perspective.